About Us


Employees, Customers, and Results

In 1989, at the Lord Nelson pub in Geneva, Switzerland, two American software engineers discussed ways to create a corporate environment that placed equally high value on employees, customers, and end results. They felt that keeping all three sides of the triangle balanced would result in a company with professional employees, an excellent reputation for quality, and steady growth.


Christopher Zika - Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Scott - Chief Technology Officer

Diane Darling - Vice President, Corporate Operations

Kate Hunt - Executive Director, People Operations & Logistics Management


Delivering innovative technology solutions with a focus on service and delivery excellence, and unwavering commitment to our clients, partners and employees.


Be the best workplace for our employees by positioning ourselves as a quality provider of preeminent services and dynamic solutions.

Core Values


We operate within the highest standard of law, professionalism, and business ethics.


We provide training and educational opportunities to our employees to enhance personal growth which in turn strengthens our teams, which moves us forward together as a company.

Giving Back

Since our inception, Geneva Software has teamed with our employees to support local philanthropic activities.


Business decisions take into account more than just the bottom line; a balanced approach, placing equal value on our employees, customers, and company growth.


We embrace each individual’s unique talents and recognize diverse lifestyles and work styles, we operate in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, and we value human dignity.

Forward Thinking

We acknowledge the reality of each customer's ever-changing environment and create forward-thinking solutions to assist our customers' transition into the future.

Continuous Improvement

We measure, monitor, analyze and improve productivity, processes, tasks and ourselves to accomplish the business initiatives of our clients and stakeholders.